Set a Course for Your Facility Staff with COMPASS

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly and through these changes, your nursing staff remains the cornerstone of your facility’s ability to provide the highest level of care and the best patient experiences. Dedicating time and resources to developing the skills, capabilities and confidence of your nursing staff is one of the best investments a facility can make.

IHMG’s proprietary COMPASS program is a metrics-based, interactive series of educational classes that build the abilities and confidence of skilled nursing facility staff. With COMPASS, your team will be able to more proactively identify and address changes in a patient’s condition prior to complications which may lead to re-hospitalization.

COMPASS Core Class include but are not limited to:

ABC's of LABS:

We enhance knowledge and confidence in interpreting and leveraging lab results to better understand and predict patient needs.

Pathophysiology of Common Disease:

Participants will gain insights to more readily identify, address and manage the needs of patients with the most common diseases that impact readmission rates and population health.

Nursing Assessment Skills:

Your nursing staff is the centerpiece of the patient experience. The Nursing Assessment Skills class outlines processes for accurately assessing a patient’s needs while providing a compassionate patient experience.

Case Studies/Triage:

Learning from patient case studies, participants will use critical and analytical thinking to evaluate the patient need and potential solutions.

CLARITY Core Class:

Participants learn about the connections between mental and physical health and critical elements to psychiatric medication management and patient care.

Other Classes:

IHMG offers respiratory therapy and palliative care as well as other customized classes based on facility needs.