Improving Health from the Comfort of Home

Homebound patients face not only the challenges of illness or disability, but the difficulties associated with the inability to travel to see care providers. As a result, these patients often do not receive the level of attention and care they need to effectively manage their health.

IHMG’s ABODE service provides primary care to those who have difficulties leaving the home to receive regular medical attention. The IHMG team provides:

  • Oversight on the ongoing treatment of chronic illnesses, including managing symptoms and prescriptions
  • Continuity of care with regular visits
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Routine check-ups and preventive care

IHMG’s ABODE Service:

For homebound patients, our service reduces the number of readmissions that could be avoided with regular, proactive care. In addition to care, our team focuses on interacting compassionately with patients and their families; helping them understand and follow all care instructions; answering questions; and providing the tools to empower patients in their health. Benefits include:

  • Reduced avoidable hospital readmissions.
  • Improved quality metrics for hospitals and MCO’s challenged by caring for homebound patients.
  • Collaboration with the Primary Care Physician to manage patients’ care plans.
  • Enhanced communication with patients and their family members, resulting in higher patient/family satisfaction.
  • Management of the longer-term needs of homebound patients including pain management, depression, dementia and palliative care.
  • Navigation of the complex and dynamic regulatory landscape including HEDIS and HRA compliance.
  • Partnership with hospitals to standardize the patient transition processes and ensure care through the critical first 30 days after discharge.