Managing Population Health

IHMG leverages its experienced and dedicated team of nurse practitioners to provide high quality, attentive and responsive primary care and psychiatric services in a variety of environments including skilled nursing facilities, post-acute settings and patient homes. 


Supporting facility staff with patient care

With IHMG’s SNFist Program, a team of nurse practitioners serves as additional primary care givers within the post-acute care facility and sees patients whether they are permanent residents or are in intermediate convalescent care. 


Comprehensive skin & wound care services

The goal of the FUSION wound care coordination program is to provide a comprehensive Wound and Skin Care Program with a focus on prevention. For existing wounds, the goal is to reduce the severity and and duration thus minimizing patient discomfort. As a result, hospital admissions can be reduced and patient well being maintained.


Comprehensive gero-psychiatric services

CLARITY is a comprehensive gero-psychiatric service, provided by IHMG’s experienced nurse practitioners under the direction of a board-certified psychiatrist. Patients are individually assessed and a care plan is developed with particular focus on management of psychotropic medications. 


Improving population health while ensuring HEDIS and regulatory compliance

The goal of the ATLAS care coordination program is to provide guidance, counseling and education to patients, families and care facilities. ATLAS increases wellness while identifying and implementing care measures designed to decrease hospitalizations and crisis care by emphasizing prevention.


Primary care for homebound patients

Homebound patients face not only challenges of illness or disability, but the difficulties associated with the inability to travel to see care providers. IHMG’s ABODE service provides primary care and psychiatric services to those who have difficulties leaving home for medical attention to actively and effectively manage their health.