About IHMG

Our Philosophy of Care

IHMG was founded on the belief that patients deserve high-quality, attentive and responsive primary care and psychiatric services at an affordable price. Leveraging a highly qualified and experienced team of nurse practitioners, IHMG delivers these services in a variety of environments including skilled nursing facilities, post-acute settings and patient homes.

IHMG partners with the facility’s or patient’s healthcare team, focusing on proactive management of conditions, preventing avoidable hospitalizations, reducing readmission rates and improving overall patient and family satisfaction.

Meet our Leadership Team

IHMG History

IHMG was founded in 2010 by Niccole Ranz, FNP-BC, with the goal to provide affordable, quality care to patients leveraging the medical expertise of nurse practitioners as primary care providers. IHMG offers six service lines with the support of over 55 nurse practitioners and 10 collaborating physicians.

IHMG’s corporate headquarters are based in Rockford, IL, with clients located throughout Illinois including the greater Chicagoland area, Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Meet our Nurse Practitioners